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Citrix Issues With Windows 10 and Remoting into RDP for Work.

Brandon Ranck


Hi All!

I have a strange issue with Citrix that neither myself nor my IT team at work can figure out. I'm using citrix to remote into my work computer at my old office. When I move a window onto my secondary monitor, the window on the primary monitor freezes. Today, that issue reversed and froze on the secondary but not the primary. If I click the icon on the task bar numerous times on the frozen screen it eventually comes around and opens. My citrix also became completely corrupt today, causing me to have to reinstall it. Both my computer and the remote computer have been wiped clean and a fresh copy of Windows 10 installed, and the issue still exists. When IT remotes in, it doesn't do anything to them.

Any ideas? My computer (both displays) work completely fine outside of the remote client and citrix. 

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I have a similar issue. I connect remotely through Citrix using multiple monitors. When I use my older Lenovo Ideapad, both monitors work fine (even though they are different sizes as far as pixels although neither one is using scaling). However, when I try to do the same thing on a newer HP computer (as well as I had tried on a newer Lenovo computer), one of the monitors lags and does not refresh the screen (essentially the display freezes even though I am moving stuff around). Sometimes this can last 10 seconds or more. So, it seems that there is some kind an issue with certain graphics cards or settings, since it works fine on my older laptop using multiple monitors but not two newer laptops. Any advice on how to fix this? None of the monitors are using scaling.

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