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Local Host Cache - Force an Outage

Niall Broome1709158984


Afternoon Guys, 


I am putting in a new client with local on-premise Storefront to act as a LHC should they have connection issues. I want to test that its able to work should the connectors have problems, so i have added the OutageModeForced reg key to both cloud connector servers, yet it never goes into LHC mode... I am still able to login externally as well as over the internal URL. The file which sits in C:\programdata\citrix\workspacecloud\logs\plugins\highavailabilityservice never shows that it has gone into LHC mode. 


This worked fine for me a few weeks back when there was only one Cloud Connector server, now i have 2 and it will not let me force an outage....


anyone had similar issues / able to replicate the issue?



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Have a look here - https://docs.citrix.com/en-us/citrix-virtual-apps-desktops-service/manage-deployment/local-host-cache.html


Need to make sure LHC is enabled in the Cloud instance first.


When you force a complete outage on both Cloud Connectors, there is a delay that occurs.

The primary Cloud Connector goes offline, then the secondary take the primary role, then it can't contact the Citrix Cloud so it goes offline also, this whole process can take around 15mins (I think it was 15mins, can confirm later) before they both go offline and LHC kicks in.


You can monitor the Event Viewer logs as it goes through the process.

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