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VDA cant communicate with Delivery Controller

William MnbspApril


I have installed Virtual Apps and Desktops components using commandline.
during VDA installation when entering Delivery Controller address, I see this error:
No running instance of a controller was found on 'server1'.


I have checked the The following items and all of them is ok:
-network connection
-ping (ip and fqdn)


The command I used to install Virtual Apps and Desktops:
.\XenDesktopServerSetup.exe /quiet /components controller,desktopstudio,licenseserver /configure_firewall


The commands I used to create databases:
New-XDDatabase -SiteName MySite -DatabaseServer server1\sqlexpress -DatabaseName MySite_SiteConfig -DataStore Site
New-XDDatabase -SiteName MySite -DatabaseServer server1\sqlexpress -DatabaseName MySite_Log -DataStore Logging
New-XDDatabase -SiteName MySite -DatabaseServer server1\sqlexpress -DatabaseName MySite_Monitoring -DataStore Monitor


The command I used to setup the site:
New-XDSite -SiteName MySite -SiteDatabaseServer server1\sqlexpress -SiteDatabaseName MySite_SiteConfig -LoggingDatabaseServer server1\sqlexpress -LoggingDatabaseName MySite_Log -MonitorDatabaseServer server1\sqlexpress -MonitorDatabaseName MySite_Monitoring


Output of Get-BrokerSite command:
BaseOU                                      :
BrokerServiceGroupUid                       : cfb2c787-d539-42ae-bf3f-525557d08a44
BypassAuthForCachedResources                : False
ColorDepth                                  : TwentyFourBit
ConfigLastChangeTime                        : 11/8/2020 12:31:17 AM
ConfigurationServiceGroupUid                : eae39b43-8bab-4cbe-ae31-9078e2944f30
ConnectionLeasingEnabled                    : False
CredentialForwardingToCloudAllowed          : False
DefaultMinimumFunctionalLevel               : L7_9
DeleteResourceLeasesOnLogOff                : False
DesktopGroupIconUid                         : 1
DnsResolutionEnabled                        : False
IsSecondaryBroker                           : False
LicenseEdition                              : PLT
LicenseGraceSessionsRemaining               :
LicenseModel                                : UserDevice
LicenseServerName                           :
LicenseServerPort                           : 27000
LicensedSessionsActive                      : 0
LicensingBurnIn                             : 2020.0515
LicensingBurnInDate                         : 5/14/2020 5:00:00 PM
LicensingGraceHoursLeft                     :
LicensingGracePeriodActive                  : False
LicensingOutOfBoxGracePeriodActive          : False
LocalHostCacheEnabled                       : True
MetadataMap                                 : {}
Name                                        : MySite
PeakConcurrentLicenseUsers                  : 0
PeakConcurrentLicensedDevices               : 0
RequireXmlServiceKeyForNFuse                : False
RequireXmlServiceKeyForSta                  : False
ResourceLeaseValidityPeriodInDays           : 0
ResourceLeasingEnabled                      : False
ReuseMachinesWithoutShutdownInOutageAllowed : False
SecureIcaRequired                           : False
TotalUniqueLicenseUsers                     : 0
TrustManagedAnonymousXmlServiceRequests     : False
TrustRequestsSentToTheXmlServicePort        : False
UseVerticalScalingForRdsLaunches            : False
XmlServiceKey1                              :
XmlServiceKey2                              :


Does anyone know the problem?

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1 minute ago, Salim Hurjuk said:

VDAs use port 80 to connect to Controllers. And vice versa. Make sure Windows firewall is not blocking it. And check antivirus firewall too. From the VDA, try to telnet to the Controller on port 80.


Check service status for SQL Server (SQLEXPRESS), it might be in stopped state

Thanks Salim

I checked. there is no antivirus installed and firewall is disabled. telnet port 80 was ok.

I restarted SQL Server (SQLEXPRESS) service several times.

but The problem could not be solved.

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