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Citrix ADC on Xenserver

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I have installed the latest Citrix ADC VPX 13 release on Citrix Hypervisor and the installation went well.


My issue is with regards to my license. I allocated the license along with the hostid on my citrix account. The problem is after i allocate the license on citrix adc vpx, after reboot it says my license is still freemium even the hostid and license are correct.


Do you guys encounter this issue? By the way this is a partner license.



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1 hour ago, Grega Zoubek said:



if you're 100% sure that hostID is correct one - check in GUI or within shell (lmutil lmhostid), you might have installed expired license file. Check if the date is correct on NS and also check /var/log/license.log. You can paste license.log here





I also installed the latest Citrix ADC VPX release on Hyper-V and it all went well with regards to license. I'm just wondering what seems to be the problem on my Citrix ADC installed on Citrix Hypervisor.

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