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Citrix MCS with Citrix Hypervisor

Julien DESTOMBES1709158802


Hi all,


I use MCS for years with VMWare but I am new with MCS with Citrix Hypervisor.


Today my customer told me that the storage was full. I analyzed the storage and this that each VM have a clone of the base disk, the identity disk and the differential disk.


That's means that I used two more space than with VMWare ?  With VMWare the based disk is shared by all VM and not clone for each.


Is it a normal behavior or is there an option I missed ?


Thanks for helping me  



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On 11/16/2020 at 11:08 AM, Silvio Balduzzi1709160956 said:

Hi Julien,


Does this host have local storage or SAN storage?

In case of local storage, XenServer does not support thin provisioning and I think this may be the problem.




Hi Silvio,


XenServer does support Thin Provisioning with local storage.


But the default is LVM which isn't Thin Provisioned.


Hi Julien,


Yes you are correct, every VM has it's own base disk.

I think you need to enable Thin Provisioning to solve your storage problem.


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