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NetScaler VIP management access

Teodor Bankov

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Hello All, 


I have a quick question, which bugs me for a while. So, decided to get your opininon on that. Any feedback will be appreciated.


We are implementing a new monitoring and the tool documentation gives us steps to monitor the VIP for the active Netscaler pair (from a HA pair), where the steps are (if I read them properly) to enable management access on the VIP address, in order for snmp to work and data to be collected through the active HA pair. 


Here is the article - https://www.logicmonitor.com/support/monitoring/networking-firewalls/citrix-netscalers (please see section "Monitoring NetScaler Clusters" if interested)


So, my question is, won't that be a security concern if we enable that on the Gateway VIP ? 

I know, we can configure the snmp to respond only to particular IP , but still I have some concerns regarding this. Or I am reading the article wrong ?


Thanks in advance guys. 




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