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VDI Performance Data Collection/Availability

Teodor Bankov




First of all, sorry if that has already been asked, but I searched and did not find anything relevant, so decided to try my luck, asking here :)


We are inplementing a new Monitoring tool called LogicMonitor, which works good, but while retrieving data from the delivery controlers, I have noticed that some data is missing and from what I can see issue is with data collection on Citrix Delivery Controller level. (LogicMonitor usses specific scripts to collect data from the controller)


In particular, there is no performance data collected for VDI machines (Windows 10), which includes CPU, RAM usage, Disk usage ... those kind of stuff. 

I saw that for Server OS machines we have this data is being collected and presented. 


So, my question is basically is VDI (Windows 10 machines) perfomrance data being collected at all by Citrix Delivery controler, once requested from the controller , data comes empty. 


I hope i explained it , if there is something unclear, please let me know. Citrix enviroment is 7.15 CU3


Thanks in advance.




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