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Authentication from custom Android App to Citrix ADC (Netscaler)

Richard Derobeck

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My employer has a custom Android application that needs to access an internal API, and i am looking to publish it via Netscaler.

Is it possible to have the Android app authenticate to the Netscaler using credentials provided by the App, or using some other method where the app can identify itself directly to the Netscaler?


I am not an Android developer, so am hoping someone can provide a pointer to get me started - many thanks!

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At present the app doesn't expect any authentication at all, beyond a user entering a username/password into the app itself.  It was built in the expectation  of an unrestricted path from the internet to the back-end servers, and uses a custom API that is not documented. It will be installed on shared,  kiosk-mode Android tablets that do not have an assigned user.

It is using HTTP as a communication layer.


I had also suggested forms based authentication, which the developer has raised concerns about as it as the application will connect/disconnect mutliple times per minute, but I am pushing this as a relatively straight forward option, and on the basis the Netscaler can be configured with a session time-out to mitigate possible effects of this behaviour.


You mentioned certificate, which could be another way around this for me. As I can control the devices that this will run on, I could configure certificate authentication on the Netscaler to authenticate the device itself. This would allow me to bypass trying to get the application modified. I've only used device certificates as an addiitonal factor and not as the sole auth factor, but it seems it should work, unless I am missing something:




Do you know if it is possible to authenticate an Adroid device to NetScaler using a device certificate only?

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