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Conditional second factor authentication

Grega Zoubek

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Hello gurus, 


I'd like to ask if something like following is possible:


We have 2FA set with radius as primary and LDAP as secondary. Customer would like users to authenticate first to 2FA and then after session timouts authenticate to LDAP only. I assume this could be achieved by nFactor where secondary RADIUS would need some condition in policy. Is it possible to insert time based persistant cookie that expires in f.ex. in 1h (form initial login) and if htis cookie is present, skip RADIUS?


Thanks for any thoughts.



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1 hour ago, Sam Jacobs said:

Here is an example of setting a cookie using nFactor:



You should be able to use the cookie in nFactor policies to determine whether to skip RADIUS and go straight to LDAP authentication.

Thank you, Sam. This was exactly what I was looking for!


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