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Migrating from Citrix UPM to FSLogix - What is your experience?

Ian Dale1709161148


Ok, this is a bit of an open ended question but currently we're on Xendesktop 7.15 LTSR with VDA 1906.2. We use Citrix UPM with Roaming profiles including outlook OST and outlook search indexes (cached exchange because we are on Microsoft 365). Whilst most of our profiles, including OST files, are under 5GB we have some that are much larger (mainly Outlook OST - up to 20GB!) Given we cannot reduce the OST file size for various reasons I have began looking at FSLogix profile containers. I am particularly curious to hear other peoples experiences migrating from Citrix UPM to FSLogix such as:


1) What motivated you to migrate?

2) Did you experience any improvements such as management (less corruptions) and or performance (faster logons)?

3) How difficult was the migration process?

4) Any gotcha's you were not prepared for or are not properly documented.


I appreciate that I'm asking a lot of info but any feedback would be greatly appreciated.






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Hi Ian,


we are in the process to migrate our profiles from UPM to FSLogix - we use the Script from David Ott (with some changes) to migrate our UPM Profiles to FSLogix and this works great. Until now all test's are looking good - the Logon is faster and we use a redirections.xml to exclude some folders from Profil to hold it small...
also we use AppMasking to hide some programs from Startmenu (Microsoft Store) and this also works great...

the reason for the migration to FSLogix was that it looks much easier to config and it seems to be very stable...


look also to https://james-rankin.com/articles/quickpost-citrix-upm-profile-containers-feature/


we use W10 1909, Xendesktop 1912LTSR CU1 with WEM on PVS 1912 CU1...




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