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Use Citrix ADM to audit creation of new "lb vservers" across all instances

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Hello all,


We're trying to audit our configuration changes to our Citrix ADCs using Citrix ADM. We want to specifically audit creation of ANY new lb vserver.


The trick is, new servers are configured with random names and due to this I cannot simply follow the guide book https://docs.citrix.com/en-us/citrix-application-delivery-management-service/networks/configuration-audit/audit-configuration-instance.html because I cannot set a configuration audit expecting a lb vserver name.


Have anybody achieved audit in such way? I've opened a TAC but unfortunately the guy is even more confused than I was.


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Enable syslog reporting in ADM on the instance.  This will create a syslog audit policy on the target adc's (bound to system global) and will report syslog events to the ADM.

This syslog includes all audited commands and will therefore contain events for all created vservers (and every other command).

Syslog reporting is not on for instances to ADM by default, but its a one-click task in the instance options.


You can also use syslog audit policies bound to the individual adc's system global objects that specify any syslog reporting destination you want if not using ADM.

But this is better than trying to audit per vserver.

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