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Citrix Netscaler nFactor OTP (Multiple Domains)

Tom Swift

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We're kind of getting stuck after modifying the manageotp policy expression under Policy Labels.


This is what we have first for the policy expression:



However there is no way to determine the domain the user logged in as:


User: MYCORP\TestUser



So we added a domain filter 

HTTP.REQ.COOKIE.VALUE("NSC_TASS").EQ("manageotp") && AAA.USER.DOMAIN.EQ("mycorp") && AAA.USER.IS_MEMBER_OF("mycorp_citrixexternalusers") 

If we try this it skips all the policies and in the gets to the end and the user attempting to logon gets a no policy message.


Tried to simplify it a bit:




Still doesn't get a hit so instead of EQ (equal) we try CONTAINS:



Double checked that the domain name is using the correct / exact case and it is.


Anyone have some magic??

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AAA.LOGIN.DOMAIN refers to the domain selected on a login schema page.  Only useful if last factor before examining.

Presumably, domain is in distinguished name so:

1. On LDAP server do a "More" at bottom of page.

2. In Attributes add "distinguishedName" without the quotes in one of the firelds.  I suggest attribute 3 or greater as 1,2 may be name/password passing to Storefront if that's part of your implementation.

3. You can then use an expression like, AAA.USER.ATTRIBUTE(3).TO_UPPER.CONTAINS(“MYDOMAIN”)


This works. I am using it to select Session Policy

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