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WEM Defined FTA's FOR URL Links in Emails Not Working

Gary Sherry1709156958


As part of a project to deploy Windows 2019 VDA's, one user requirement is that Email URL Links opened in Chrome rather than in IE; thanks to the changes MS implemented to prevent Browser HiJacking this isn't as straight forward as it use to be. So I though I'd use WEM to resolve the issues and having reviewed the 2 Articles by James Kindon and James Rankin (both Excellent)



I figured as its now 2020 and I'm deploying on VAVD 1909 with WEM 1909 I'd try to use the File Association option rather than the external App (SetFTA) approach and duly setup FTA for HTTP and HTTPS
and assigned to Everyone (as shown below) but these don't appear to be getting applied for users.



I've reviewed the WEM RSOP and it appears that the FTA are being triggered



Checking the WEM Agent Logs the FTA's appear to be processes and no errors are being reported



But checking the User Reg Keys the values haven't been changed




So do I just switch to use the SetFTA App or is there something I'm missing?




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8 hours ago, James Kindon said:

did you have a look through the guide here?



There are a few bits in there to check through :)


Hi James 

I did read through the documentation interestingly even with WEM 1909 you still need to specify the %1 even thought the documentation says you don't .  

What I didn't do was enable the Overwrite option as oddly it didn't click that the system had defined a user choice and I needed to over-write it (Doh!) Once I added this the FTA was set correctly on my Test Access  so just testing with some other users. Oddly the WEM Logs make it look like the process may not have worked but checking the Reg Keys it has.

So thanks for making me re-read the documentation so the penny dropped. 


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