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Session stops working - blank icons on desktop and file explorer doesn't work anymore

Peter Jehn


Hi everyone,


we have problems in a customers Virtual Apps environment. Occassionally some servers show blank incons and users complain that outlook doesn't work anymore. If we login to a desktop session on a affected server and start File Explorer, only the progress bar in adress bar is showing - no access to local or remote files and folders. Some icons on desktop only have blank symbols. Reconnecting the session doesn't fix the problem. If users login to other servers, they can work without problems - so I don't thins it's a profile problem. Only a restart of the affecting servers solves the problems so far. There are no relevant entries in event log that point to the problem.




Customers environment:

Windows Server 2016 session hosts with VDA Agent 1909

Citrix Profile Management 1909

MCS with VMware ESXi 6.7 hosts

Citrix Files for Windows

Citrix Files for Outlook (per Machine)


Has anyone else such problems. We use different images - so far it only arises in images where Citrix Files plugins were installed, but this is not truly validated.


Any suggestions are welcome.


I have found a similar post in Cloud section.







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I had a similar problem(my problem was only with the shortcuts) about half a year ago, I had found the solution here in the forum, unfortunately I no longer have the link to the post, the only thing I documented:


You can try this GPO:


Computer Configuration/Administrative Templates/Windows Components/File Explorer

    -> Allow the use of remote paths in file shortcut icons







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