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Workspace crash Mac OS start

Alvaro Millan


I have both the latest version of Citrix Workspace (2010) and MacOS (Catalina 10.15.4) and since I upgraded to this latest version of Workspace, the operating system does not boot, only in safe mode. When I turn on the Mac, it stuck at 80% of the load bar and then reboots, entering a continuous loop. I have checked absolutely everything and the hard drive is correct, it seems that this latest version of Workspace contains something that prevents the system from booting properly.

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Thanks for reporting. Please try logging in to SAFE mode on your device, uninstall Citrix Workspace App to see if it helps resolve your problem/you still see the problem.


If it still occurs without Citrix Workspace app on Mac - do note that most storage/memory corruption issues are typically hardware related- the panic logs should reveal info on why the crash occurred. Articles such as this one explain how you can collect those logs and reach out to your support team : https://www.lifewire.com/troubleshoot-mac-os-x-kernel-panics-2260849

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