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Need Help on upgradation from SNMP V2 to SNMP V3 on Netscaler LB

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Please find the configuration on the NetScaler


set snmp engineId 446172742e506f776572534e4d50

add snmp view viewone -type included

add snmp group edocs_group2 authPriv -readViewName viewone -storageType nonVolatile

add snmp user Vamsi -group edocs_group2 -authType MD5 -authPasswd ae5b2e807182fcfbe03a0365e7500a261f0f94b4b06ea59ba9f1045dd57d022b -encrypted -encryptmethod ENCMTHD_3 -privType DES -privPasswd e02f85ac3a59811c81f6037001e8f57dc3f564ecb5c4940d42baaeeeecd648a7 -encrypted -encryptmethod ENCMTHD_3 -storageType nonVolatile

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