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MSC VMs migration

Konstantin Melnikov


We are running a couple of xendesktop (1912 ltsr) servers with local storage (latest xenserver as hypervisor) and need to migrate some VMs to the new server.

I know, that it's impossible to migrate storage for MSC created VMs, so I'm trying to follow citrix docs and import them as existing VMs to the new catalog. I moved my vms to the new server and they seem to be fine (I can run them with my xencenter without any issues), but completely invisible for my xd controller. I can't import them not by using "Add VMs" button in the catalog setup wizard (it shows me all vms, except the ones, that were created by MSC on the old server), neither by submitting them as a list (I'm getting "path not found" or similar error). Powershell "dir" command will also show me all VMs, except the ones I need. I even tried a fresh xendesktop install to make sure it's not the delivery controller issue - always the same.

Any ideas how to import them or maybe I'm doing it wrong?

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