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Getting UserName and Password after lunching an application or VDI Desktop - Version 1912 LTSR

Syed Rahman


We are getting Username Password Prompt After lunching an Application or VDI Desktop. We have older version 7.13 now but we have build a new version 1912 LTSR were we are getting this issue.




We have installed Citrix Workspace with SSO and created a GPO to "Enable pass-through authentication" and "Allow pass-through authentication for all ICA connections", Added the URL's in the Trust sites with enabling the "Automatic logon with current username and password".

By the above GPO the Internal users (Users connecting via Office Network) doesn't get logon prompt issue. 

But the VPN connected Users and the external user (Public accessing VDI users) are getting the login prompt.


About the Connectivity:


Internal Users working Home connecting via VPN and launching the internal URL and we have enable pass-through for internal store.


External users are launching external URL and he will get Azure MFA Authentication and for external URL we have enabled pass-through for external store.


Once this users hit the URL they go into the storefront and there get desktop or App and after launching it they are getting UserName and Password prompt.


What setting I am missing.






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