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Directing Traffic Based on IP Address

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I have a basic SSL Passthrough load balancing setup. VIP with SSL Bridging and two Services/Servers - let's call them A and B.

Stickiness is based on IP address. What I want to do is to occasionally add a third server/service C. But I only  want 

traffic from specific IP hosts or subnets to be directed to this service. The Dev team wants to do this to be able 

to try out new code without letting the users know they're hitting a new revision of code. Is this possible?

Sorry if you see this posted twice. I thought I posted it earlier but I'm not seeing it in my content nor

in the VPX forum. Maybe I didn't complete the last step. Thanks for your thoughts.

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Instead of load balancing, you would need to use content switching.

Add the CS vserver before your lb vserver1 (svc1 and svc2) and your lb vserver2 (svc3). any traffic from your "test subnet" can be directed to lbvserver2 (svc3); while all your other traffic would the handled by the default lb vserver lb vserver1.


This would likely be the easiest way to do this.

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