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Force Workspace to contact Storefront through Gateway

Thomas Niedermeier

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I need to force all Clients to contact the Storefront through the Netscaler Gateway. 


I have two issues:

*The first time I start the Workspace to add a store, I add the Netscaler Gateway adress, I successful authenticate and the Netscaler Gateway is resolved to the Storefornt adress.

*Workspace clients in the intranet always contact the Storefront


Can this be resolved, or must the Workspace Client contact the Storefront directly?

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If the storefront needs to be gateway only:

1) Configure the StoreFront to have gateway only authentication for both the web and the services address. (Meaning the store's authentication is gateway only AND the associated receiver for web site is also gateway only). Deselect the explicit authentication option.  Store should then display "external only" in the summary pane.

2) Configure the GAteway/Storefront for gateway integration as normal.


Then only supply the gateway fqdn to internal/external users for either web or services connections.  You can even make sure the storefront direct address is only resolvable by gateway (unless you are doing something more exotic with the name resolution).  IF there are no storefront only/internal only connections, then the gateway should be the only fqdn you need to resolve from either the internal or external network.


Use either Provisioning files or change the SRV record for automatic discovery for services clients to use the gateway fqdn instead of the storefront address.


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Thank you Rhonda for our answer. But I am still lost.


*I have configured the stores authentication with "Passhtrough-Authentication from Citrix Gateway"

*removed all other authentication methods

*enabled Remoteaccess, tried "No VPN tunnel" and "Full VPN tunnel" - no luck, I still get in the summary pane "internal and external network"


Citrix Workspace still resolves after first configuration the Storefront adress and tries to contact storefront.


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Look at both the store's authentication config AND the associated receiver for web authentication configuration.

My guess is that WEB may still have it enabled.

Then double check the gateway association with the store (in the store's remote settings).


You can also change the storefront fqdn if needed so its not known to users (unless you have other stores).

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