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HTTP 302 redirect

Darren Poppleton

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AS Mborrel said, the responder policy redirect action is what you need. In constructos the redirect response for you and you just specify the contents of the Location header aka the redirect destination.


For a hard coded value just include in quotes:  "https://www.bar.com"

For dynamic urls or to preserve path and query of original request while tacking onto a new host name, you would then use policy syntax like: "https://www.bar.com" + http.req.url.path_and_query

This policy is bound to your lb vserver www.foo.com that you host.


The client will receive the redirect response with the new location header. They will go to http://www.foo.com and receive a redirect response with NEW destination and this will then direct them to www.bar.com (which is now no longer in your control.)


302 - redirects are moved temporarily

301 - redirects are moved permanently ... you can change the type of redirect by changing the response code used in the responder redirect action.


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