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Published Application Faulting

Tony Flanagan


Can I ask if anyone can tell me the best ways to fault find a published application faulting on dll's (has quite a few different dll's incl powerbuilder that appear in log - see example) and generating an error code in application logs causing the app to close.


This is an application that is on a silo of its own due to it working in conjunction with a specific version of ArcMap (although ArcMap seems ok). The application is powerbuilder based I am told.


We don't see any issues of this type on the rest of our Site applications or other ArcMap silo's.


I don't get any dump files created and would like to know if we can switch on anything that would give us a few clues to the issue.


Running on XenApp 7.15.3000 running on W2016 Server.


Thanks in advance for any help with this.


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