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on one of three terminal servers, users can see redirected printers from other sessions

Jesse Cowan


We have three terminal servers that handle all virtual apps & desktops, I'll call them A, B, and C. When a user launches a published app, or opens a desktop session on A or B, then attempts to print something whether it's in MS Word, a web browser, etc, their print options/drop-down menu only shows the printers that are installed on their local machine that have been redirected.


But if the users session gets placed on server C and they attempt to print something, not only does it show their own printers, but it also shows ALL printers that are currently redirected on that server, (i.e. HP LaserJet XXX From Session 22) and once in a while someone will accidentally print something out on a different users printer in their home, which is a bit of a shock to some.


I can't find any rhyme or reason as to why server C is allowing all users to see everyone else's redirected printers from every other terminal session? The users I've tested it with have no domain admin privileges of the sort, they're just plain old domain users, I've checked "Print server properties" and "Everyone" has permission to "Print", as well as "View Server", which I thought was the culprit, but the server that (properly) only shows the users locally redirected printers also has "View Server" checked for Everyone. 


Also FYI I tested it as the same user (with a couple different users), for example I have a standard domain user "newuser" and when my session is on A or B I can only see my own redirected printers, on C I can see other people's from their respective terminal sessions


Thanks in advance for any help!

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