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AAA IdP logout page with multiple bound SAML SP profiles

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We have ADC deployed with a AAA vServer (auth.somedomain.com) acting as SAML IdP for multiple SAML SPs. Login is working fine. Where we are currently struggling is the logout. While the logout itself works, users are then presented the ADC /vpn/tmlogout.html page which contains not only "Logoff successful" but also contains a Login button. Pressing this button will redirect the user to /logon/LogonPoint/tmindex.html which isn't going anywhere. Ok, now so I could create a Responder Policy but what if I want to redirect to the login page for the SAML SP which was used previously?


Currently I only see a solution in a workaround by creating a custom tmlogout.html page where the button is removed which only contains "Logoff was successful. For security reasons please close this browser windows. Thank you!" with the button removed.



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