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Profile Container - Automatic migration of existing application profiles

Robert Madrian


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Is “!CTX_OSNAME!” in the existing UPM user store path? If so, then this setting moves some profile settings from old UPM profiles to new UPM profiles for new Win10 versions (e.g. from Win10 1809 to Win10 1909). Normally when the UPM Path includes “!CTX_OSNAME!”, then each new Win10 version results in new profiles and this setting helps with that. https://docs.citrix.com/en-us/profile-management/current-release/configure/automatic-migration-of-existing-app-profiles.html



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So how would this work if you have users who, for example, currently access 2016 servers and now want to access a new 2019 server (but continue to access a 2016 box).  

Does this move the profile information, so when the user logs back into a 2016 box their profile isn't correct?

Is this feature intended for a one time upgrade, where a user has 1 2016 machine and is going to goto 2019 and never use a 2016 box again?



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Yes, !CTX_OSNAME! is in the path \\fileserver\Profile$\#SAMAccountName#\!CTX_OSNAME!!CTX_PROFILEVER!


if I disable Profile Containers it seemst to work but not all settings like the Start menu tiles are migrated - Profile Containers are true it seems that nothing

is migrated...


now we have switched to FSLogix and the script from David Ott https://tech.xenit.se/convert-citrix-upm-to-fslogix-profile-containers and it works great - have a copy

of the 1803 Profile under a new FSLogix path and for the first few tests FSLogix works great...



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