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xenserver6 - Attach iscsi SR without format?

Sean Bradford


Long story short:

  • ISCSI SR appeared as "unplugged" to all xenserver6.5 servers.
  • Rebooted all of the servers, no change.
  • Since it was detached, "Forgot" the SR
  • Created new SR pointing at the ISCSI location of the forgotten SR, hoping XenCenter would prompt me to reattach. 
  • XenCenter prompts me to format the iscsi location


Formatting would kill the data and my chance of getting my VMs back online. Is there any way to add this SR back without formatting? Please help!




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Thanks Mark! Yes, I'm aware that 6.5 is EOL. This infrastructure has languished out there for some time.


With that said, I created a new SR and did a remove & forget from Xencenter.  Upon creating the new SR and pointing at this new location I was prompted to "reattach". The problem i'm facing is with the old SR that has VDIs on it. It does not prompt me to "Reattach". Do that mean my old SR is effectively dead?

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Not sure about dead but that means during the reattach it isn't seeing a valid SR for whatever reason.

Its either not seeing the LVM or when looking that the filesystem or its not seeing an SR UUID to attach 

to. Either way something isn't valid about it looking at your LUN. 




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