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VDA randomly disconnect logging error 1050 Hash Exchange Failed




I have several physical PCs with VDA installed for remote access via internet used for smartworking need.

For 1 single PC I have a user that is beeing randomly disconnected from ICA session 2 to 3 time during the day.

The user get the following errors:

- Desktop Viewer: The connection to "*Delivery Group Name*" failed with status (unknown client error 1110).

- *Delivery Group Name* ERROR: The publishded resource is not available currently. Contact your system administrator for further assistance.

On that PC event application log I've found this error:

Event 1050, Citrix Desktop Service, Connection validation failed on domain "for user" for reason "HashExchangeFailed".

I'm on V. 7 LTSR edition 7.1912.CU1. Client is Windows 10 1909

Until now I've tried:

- Reinstalled VDA on the machine = no effect

-Upgraded VDA on the client = no effect

- Checked Time settings on the machine = looks ok

- Verified if Appflow is active = no

- The problem I think is the VDA endpoint cause when I try to connect to the broken connection I cannot get in the ICA session even if I'm using another PC. In any case I can RDP in without problem.

Any suggestion would be appreciated, thanks very much

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We have exactly the same problem on private virtual desktops and remote PC access.

Same VDA, same Windows version.


I hopened a case but Citrix Support wants traces. We cannot deliver them since I cannot reproduce the issue.


Can you reproduce?

Clearly a typical Citrix issue since RDP is working fine.

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I have just disabled windows firewall for private and public networks. Re registered DNS for the affected machine. Restarted citrix ICA and dependencies service.

Restarte Citrix Desktop Service : it hangs and not restarted (still stopping reported) but now for the first time the user has been able to reconnect without a machine reboot.

The Citrix Health Assistand log show a warning on session launch and that's it:


2020-10-27 15:08:05,161: 4 INFO  – Service : CtxFlashSvc not found
2020-10-27 15:08:05,168: 4 INFO  – On desktop OS, services status are:[CtxFlashSvc] not found.
2020-10-27 15:08:05,175: 4 INFO  – The Citrix HDX MediaStream for Flash Service (CtxSvcHost.exe) is not found.
2020-10-27 15:08:05,182: 4 INFO  – [UI Message] Waring: Some services are not working (but session launch might still succeed). Check log for details.


Other events registeredother than 1050: 1048, 1014, source always Citrix Dextop Sevice


That's all for now. Still testing. Case opened

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