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Unable to Delete IP Block

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Using Citrix ADC Added an entry into  the IP block that contained an ampersand ("&"). Seems it didn't like this. Now when I try to delete the entry I receive the following error message:




I cannot add another entry as it says an entry with the same IP address already exists. Is there a way I can manually edit the file from the command line?


Any assistance would be greatly appreciated

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Where were you adding the ip block in the GUI? (to better understand the remove command you need)  Or show the runningconfig command where it was created:

show ns runningconfig | grep <ip> -i


And you should be able to remove it from the CLI if the GUI doesn't work. 

It can be stripped from the config file as a last resort, but I'd try to remove it via cli first.  You would still want to know the original cli command reference.

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Apologies. It was not a Citrix ADC but a Citrix ADM, Its the Application Delivery Manager. I'm setting up private IP addresses for the Geo Mapping function and I created this entry incorrectly.


Apologies for the confusion.


What is the table I modify in the ADM CLI for Geo Mapping private IP addresses?





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Using Nitro API Worked...YAY!!


Here's what I did:


First to find out what the record ID actually was. Did this by entering the following URL in a browser:


https://<Address of ADM>/nitro/v1/config/ip_block


After entering the above it prompted for a username and password. Once entered it then listed all the IP BLOCK entries. It showed the record I was interested in had an id of:


"BLAH &amp; BLAH"


I then needed to see if I could retrieve this individual record. For that I entered the following URL in a browser:


https://<Address of ADM>/nitro/v1/config/ip_block/BLAH & BLAH   (NB: I needed to change &amp; to just &)


It successfully retrieved the record, something I could not do in the GUI so I new I was onto something.


Using powershell I then constructed the following REST API delete request:


$Cred = Get-Credential
$Url = "https://pnavadm01.nafdanav.com.au/nitro/v1/config/ip_block/BLAH & BLAH"
Invoke-RestMethod -Method 'delete' -Uri $url -Credential $Cred


Request was successful and returned the following information


errorcode    : 0
message      : Done
operation    : delete
resourceType : ip_block
username     : BLAH
tenant_name  : Owner
tenant_id    : BLAH-SECRET-BLAH
resourceName : BLAH & BLAH
ip_block     : {@{id=BLAH &amp; BLAH}}


Thankyou all for your assistance.






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