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Problems of Publishing Eclipse IDE on Citrix


Hi guys,
We have installed Eclipse on Citrix Server machine and it works fine when access direct from server .


But when it punlisher on citrix using MCS and other users log on to target servers  and try to open Eclipse, they get this error: "(((((The Eclipse executable launcher was unable to locate its companion shared library".))))

Can anyone  give any help with the above?

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In my configuration on citrix I also have the eclipse.ini file with some aditional configuration on: C:\Program Files (x86)\eclipse 

When I'm installig Eclipse with the local admin there are lines in this file, referring to the admin account:



I think this is also an issue why my installation isn't working while launching as another user on the VDA?


Also Chris wrote to add the lines to the config file like this:






Have you just added these lines and left the rest of your config file as it was before?




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