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Service Group Monitor Question

Chris Craddock

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Dear Community,


When creating a service group, you have the option of allowing the "default" monitor apply or applying a monitor from the built in and custom list. But my question is, if no Monitor is specifically applied, what constitutes a "default" monitor? In other words, if you dont apply a Monitor, how does the ADC probe the Service Group members for their status? Is it TCP? UDP? ICMP? I am reading "When you create a service group, the default monitor of the type appropriate for the group is automatically bound to it. " But I dont know what the default monitor is. 


Can anyone advise? Thank you. 

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The servicegroup GUI doesn't show it, but the two default monitors are ping-default and tcp-default and they attach automatically to services or servicegroups if no explicit monitor specified.  You can see them in the monitor list.

If the traffic is TCP-based, the tcp-default monitor is used.

If not, the ping-default is used.



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