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Xenserver 7.1 migration to 8.2

Theodore Lakiotis


Hello to everybody!!


I have a situation. 

I was working with 6.5 for many years and I try to upgrade.

Firstly I migrated all of them to 7.1 last with success. 

Now I try to migrate them with migration wizard to 8.2 ltsr

But I get grayed button due to license limitations.

I have installed express edition. 


Do you know if there is any limitations??



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Hello again.


Thank you Tobias!

I didn't explain it well..


2 xenserver hosts.

1st xenserver is with 7.1 ltsr without CU1 or CU2, I can't download them due to limited rights, with all VMs running on it. 

2nd xenserver is with 8.2 last express edition,  with all 4 patches installed.


I try to do live migration using wizard, from 1st to 2nd.

When I try to do it, I am

Getting in the wizard window that the 8.2 xenserver do not have the license needed...




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Sorry, Teo, for the misunderstanding. I thought you meant upgrading the OS (migrating to a newer version of the OS), not moving a VM.


The Express edition, as I now understand, won't allow for live migrations. Sorry!

You can try it with the VM shut down or you'll have to obtain a paid-for license for your 8.2 host.



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