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Issue using Citrix with Multiple Monitors of Different Size and Resolution

Emilio Garcia1709162381


So I work from home now using Cirtrix. Up until a a few days ago was using 2 Dell P23 (24" 1080p 60Hz) monitors successfully.
I decided to update one of the monitors to something larger and got the Dell 3220DGF (32" 1440p 165Hz) monitor.

When I tried working using the new setup - I only got one large screen that had blank parts to either side.
I looked it up here and did a few things.

So far I have -
1. Updated the Citrix Workspace on my PC to the latest version (
2. I changed the options on the Advanced Preferences / High DPI from "Let the operating System scale the resolution" to "No, use native resolution".

3. Updated all Windows drivers etc.


None of this has worked.
If I change the resolution on the new monitor from Native 2560*1440 to 1920*1080 and start up - it works over two screens again.
However, the wording on certain applications like Mainframe becomes blurry and hard to read.

Does anyone know how to fix this issue ?
Any help would be appreciated.

My setup works fine multi screen on Win 10 Pro - only goes bad when logging on to work remotely using Citrix.





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