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XenApp 1912 LTSR and Windows Server 2019 Standard (Hyper-V services installed on vmware virtual machine by default)

markovic dejan




I've just integrated a new team at a new customer and I'm taking a look at actual deployed environments.


I was supprised to see on infrastructure servers (On Windows 2019 stanbard OS) the Hyper-V servicies deployed while machines are running on VMware hypervisor.

On Citrix DC, Director and Storefront dedicated servers I could enumerate the following servicies:


  • Hyper-V Data Exchange Service
  • Hyper-V Guest Service Interface
  • Hyper-V Guest Shutdown Service
  • Hyper-V Heartbeat Service
  • Hyper-V PowerShell Direct Service
  • Hyper-V Remote Desktop Virtualization Service
  • Hyper-V Time Synchronization Service
  • Hyper-V Volume Shadow Copy Requestor


I've tested also on a new machine installed from scratch using "SW_DVD9_Win_Server_STD_CORE_2019_1809.7_64Bit_English_DC_STD_MLF_X22-38323.ISO" that was downloaded last week. Setup was done by default (next next next with the install) and at the end the Hyper-V servicies are present.


I have some windows 2019 servers with VDA installed on them without these servicies and with the same windows server build. I suppose that the windows ISO version used for installation was older than mine.


I've found and article stating this:


"Microsoft introduced a paradigm shift in Hyper-V Integration Services when they started including all the Integration Services in the modern client and server operating systems released in recent years besides the Hyper-V Guest Service Interface. This means the Hyper-V Integration Services are now automatically installed."


More info here: https://www.vembu.com/blog/install-update-hyper-v-integration-services/


I'm wondering if it's problematic to keep it on the system (for me it's a non sense except for those using Hyper-V hypervisor).

Is there a way to get rid of this or should it stay like that ?



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Hi, thanks.


I agree with you.

It's not causing any issue.

To me, it sounds like MS is trying to push their hypervisor solution in another way (like it was with internet explorer pre_installed).


Following the same way of thinking, why not also include by default VMware and Xenserver parts too ? (I'm kiding)


I was only curious if it's possible to uninstall it since it's only concerning an Hyper-V environment which is less used than other solutions on on-premise environment (In my case in 20 years of consulting I've never worked for client with Hyper-V solution. It was 95% of VMware and the remaining was XenServer). Regarding these stats, I'm also consious that my experience is not representative of the global Hypervisor implementation. It's only what I faced off.




PS: Sorry for my spelling and grammar (I'm french)

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