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App launches in RDP but in not Citrix Published desktop



CVAD 1912 CU1

Windows 10 1909 Provisioned with MCS

Azure NVv4


An application called Imaris Viewer is crashing immediately after launch within Citrix published desktop. Logging in to the same desktop with RDS does not cause the same issue. Nothing in logs besides generic crash report and nothing obvious in procmon. 

So far tried disabling UPM, using another user account, disabling multitouch service and policies, disabling printer redirection. Using non-GPU Azure instance. 


Is there anything else I can try disabling?

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Tested again and no dice. Looks like this is related to graphics. Somehow intermittently when user logs in the display goes into a state where its not full screen. In that state the applications launches. When the session gets full resolution app crashes.

After doing some more testing the problem is with VDAs in Azure. Both GPU (NVv4) and non-gpu. Also spans multiple OSes - Windows Server 2016, Win 10 1909 and Win10 1809. Does not seem to be a problem with on-prem NVIDIA based Server VDI.

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