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View Agent issues with Win 10 2004?

Darin McClain


After updating my OS layer to 2004, my published images started delaying for 1-2 minutes at login. The task bar and explorer are not useable during this time frame. I isolated it to the View Agent layer causing it. Publishing the OS & PL layers is fine, but as soon as you publish it with the View Agent layer, the problem occurs. I've tried creating a whole new layer for the View Agent (7.6), and it did not fix it, I get the same delay. My next step is to try maybe version 7.8 or 7.13, but I'm concerned the higher I go, eventually I'll reach a version I can no longer make Tera 1 terminals work. Anyone seen anything like this?

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On 10/22/2020 at 8:04 AM, Raymond Colon said:

A couple of comments:


- We do not support Persona Management, if you are using Elastic Layering


- We started to support W10 2004 in our App Layering 2008 release


If neither of the above apply, I suggest you open a case for assistance.


No persona management, and we're on latest version of app layering. Also glanced at VMWare's list of supported agents and windows versions. 7.6 & 7.8 are not supported with 2004.


So, I published another image without an agent layer, tried to install version 7.10.3 after it exported as it's supported by VMware, but it did the same thing. Then tried 7.13 for giggles, and it's not hanging! Going to recompose some machines and see what happens. Then may layer and publish it to test to.



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