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XA6.5 Will it work to rename a SQL server name to a SQL instance name?

Jason Fortun


I have a situation where we are having to change a clustered SQL instance to a standalone server. For some technical reason the SQL team will not be able to keep SQL server host name the same and will also break the instance.  The XA6.5 farm servers reference the SQL instance name in the DSN to access SQL.  What the SQL team wants to do is to rename the SQL server host name to the SQL instance name.  Hopefully the below helps explain things (actual names changes to protect the innocent):


Current SQL server host name:SQLSERVERNAME1

Current SQL instance name: SQLINSTANCENAME1

XA6.5 DSN currently using:SQLINSTANCENAME1

New proposed SQL server host name:SQLINSTANCENAME1


Here is an example mf20.dsn file from this environment:


APP=Citrix IMA


My gut tells me that so long as the name SQLINSTANCENAME1 is still attached the to SQL server (though now as a host name and not an SQL instance name) this should work fine with no changes required on the Citrix servers, but I want to validate that.

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After updating the DSN file on the XenApp servers, you stop the IMAservice and run the 'dsmaint config' command to configure the credentials used for the new database.


In the DSN file, the Server entry would be ServerName/DBName.  You might take one server and use the ODBC wizard to create a new DB connection and then copy the DSN file that is created over to the other servers.


Here is a snippet from the PowerShell script I created to do this (substitute  DOMAIN and user name as is appropriate for your environment) I pass the $DBUser and $DBPass variables into the command.   My complete script  queries the farm for a list of servers (You could use get-content to use a text file instead), copies the DSN from a file share, stops the IMA Service, executes the command below and then restarts the IMAservice.

$DsmaintResult = Invoke-Command {&"C:\Program Files (x86)\Citrix\system32\Citrix\Ima\dsmaint.exe" config /user:DOMAIN\ctx65db /pwd: /dsn:"C:\Program Files (x86)\Citrix\Independent Management Architecture\mf20.dsn"} -Computername $Server -ArgumentList $DBUser, $DBPass


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