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StoreFront Web API SDK cross domain authentication issue

Anton SIvanov

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Hi Community,


We have storefront server joined to one domain for example abc.com and delivery controllers which is working on diff domain zwy.com. From StoreFront we already configured "Password Validation" for specific Store to happens on DDCs instead of Active Directory. When tried to authenticate from NetScaler everything is working fine.


Dev team wants to start using StoreFront Web API for their own Web Portal to generate ICA files and so far they got below issue:


Authentication issue:

As described in the storefront documentation ( https://github.com/citrix/storefront-sdk/blob/master/docs/requests.md ), we try to access the “ /PostCredentialsAuth/Login“ endpoint.


When we try to access our Citrix environment ( https://YourStoreFrontServerURL/Citrix/StoreWeb ) and provide domain credentials, we always receive login failed.


Resonse from the service:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

<AuthenticationStatus xmlns="http://citrix.com/delivery-services/webAPI/2-6/authStatus">





Testing in another Citrix environment where both StoreFront and Delivery Controllers working into same domain works as expected endpoint Response:


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

<AuthenticationStatus xmlns="http://citrix.com/delivery-services/webAPI/2-6/authStatus">




Is it possible to configure this described scenarios somehow? StoreFront working in one domain whereas Delivery Controllers in diff domain using StoreFront Web API to authenticate successfully? Maybe we need to configure some extra option via powershell on our StoreFront servers and/or install additional components. 


Is HTTP Basic authentication cross domain configuration supported? 


Thank you.

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