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7.15 LTSR not seeing current user sessions/ idle time update or session status in Director



Hi Guys


Looks like Citrix Director is not updating current user sessions numbers and statuses, we can see for example 15 sessions, and some of them are disconnected, on the server. However, the director only shows like 11 of them, is there any fix for that?

7.15 LTSR


Looks same to the 7.11 issues,  is that related ?  and if so is there any patch to fix it ?






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Director only updates it's view every few seconds (I don't recall the exact value, maybe 30 seconds). In addition, Director will only reflect what the VDA is reporting back to the Monitor DB so if the VDA last reported a Disconnected session, that is what Director will show.  There may be scenarios where the User Session within Citrix has indeed Disconnected but at the OS level, the session is still active due to some running process holding the session in an Active state.

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3 hours ago, Diego Oliveira said:

Hi, my apologise, I have no idea where did I get 7.15 from ... I was preparing for the Citrix exam last few weeks and it just stuck in my head. We are ruining 1909 ltsr version on our production environment.  

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5 hours ago, David Clark1709160691 said:

Have you checked the status of the Monitor Database? 


From your Delivery Controller run Get-MonitorDatastore and see what the results say.

Yes, that looks fine, we can see users sessions but looks like there is a delayed in Director, for example on the server I can see 15 connected users and 3 disconnected session but on the Director I can see 10 sessions and non disconnected.

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