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Connect to VPN connected client from LAN

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Hi all,

I have single arm with SSL VPN gateway, and I use Intranet IP subnet so that VPN client gets the IP address from this subnet. Let’s say the ADC itself is in subnet and Client IP Pool is subnet. The VPN GW IP addr could be and the SNIP In this case, the back route to CIIP is targeted to SNIP ( and everything work well.

For instance, I can reach the LAN ( via the VPN gateway with the source IP from CIIP, because:


·      Client has IP address (example)

·      The communication to LAN goes from SNIP ( with src ip

·      Backend server in LAN know the back-route to which is the SNIP ( = route add mask


But I have opposite problem – I would like to access the VPN connected computer from the LAN but I cannot and I have no idea why.

Should I make an additional configuration like PBR or whatever? Let’s assume that there is allow-any rule on the firewall between the networks.

Many thanks

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