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Storefront 3.0 configuration with Netscaler Gateway and Radius only authentication

Frédéric LOUKA

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Hello, I'm trying to configure my netscaler gateway with radius as only authentication method.

I'm using the Inwebo soft with push notification OTP.

On my gateway, I have to fill the username. In the second fied, I enter something whatever and click Enter. Then, my application on my smartphone asks me to enter my PIN code and generate the OTP for me.

The radius works and when I'm landing on the storefront page, the error messge displays (cannot complete your request). 

I configure the Session Profile to use only Radius authentication. On the storefront, I configured my store to use only token authentication method and configure a call back url as it seems to be mandatory...


But what would be the process ? I think I had to delegate the authentication to the netscaler gateway but in this version of the storefront, I do not have the choice to do it only for one store ?

It seems like the storefront tries to validate the authentication through ldap even if I never use my Active Directory credentials.....


Here is the logs attached (I replaced the domain by "domain" and the username by "fmyusername".....


Thank you for your help


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