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slow app response on published desktop

John Litster


I am using cvad 7 2003 

I have a published server 2016 desktop.

No netscaler, nothign really special

the end point is an iGel thin client


I have users complaining about application response slowness sometimes.

For example, if they have IE open, then minimize it.....then 5 or so min later, they try going back to it, and click on it, it will take several seconds to comeback up.


I looked in the event log and didn't see anything of note.    Ram and CPU seem to be just fine and dandy

any other ideas?

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right now, as this is new...only 2 users are on it. 

The system they log into has 12 gig ram,  4 cpus with 4 cores per socket, 

(according to director)

memory IOPs  sits at 60%

CPU sits very low, well under 10%

Disk IOPs, according to vmware is very low as well.

 as for anti-virus....i have disabled it completly on the systems (to help run it out)

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General application slowness.....

for example:

IE is open, then you minimize IE.......then you maximize IE......takes a few seconds to maximize.

when in a program that has various boxes that the user enters data in.....  when tabbing from one box to the next, it takes a little bit for the cursor to get to teh next box.


Directory says disk latency ranges between 0 and 6 ms.



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