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VPX - Extra management CPU

Rowen Gunn

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I have 4 CPUs  (aka cores in ESX) assigned to my VPX 3000 currently and would like to enable an extra management CPU. When I attempt to do that I get this error:


"Operation not permitted. PE pool is not enough to enable additional management CPU"


So do I need to add a 5th CPU to my VPX 3000 to enable the extra management CPU function?

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16 hours ago, Julian Jakob said:

The feature "Extra management CPU" is only available through MPX appliances. 


As you are on VPX 3000, assigned 4 vCPU, you are using the max. of Packet CPUs (3) + 1 Mgmt CPU. See this guide https://support.citrix.com/article/CTX139485


Thank you! Citrix support told me this would work on our VPX 3000 but adding a 5th CPU failed. Thanks for the correct information!

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