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Citrix Workspace App Intermittent Freezing (Various Versions)

Ian Dale1709161148


We are in a strange situation where users at some sites are experiencing freezing on their Citrix sessions whilst others at the same location connecting to the same remote server are not. There seems to be no correlation between Workspace App version or Windows version. Strangely these issues only started around two weeks ago when I added a new session host for a a new customer (who is also experiencing this issue). It should be noted that of our 13 customers/sites, the issue is only being experienced by 3 of them (includes the newly added customer).


We have a 200MB Netscaler (ADC v13 VPX), 2 x DC 8GB RAM 4x vCPU 7.15 LTSR CU4, 2 x SF 8GB RAM 4x vCPU 7.15 LTSR CU4 and 2 x SQL 2017 BAG 8GB RAM 4 x vCPU, 20 x Session hosts with 16GB RAM 4 x vCPU VDA 1906.2. All Servers are Windows 2016 and HYPER-V is virtualization platform. All up we have about 95 users (yes its small) spread across 13 sites.


Personally I think this is some kind of local networking issue however I'm interested if other users have had similar experiences  and what was done to resolve the issue.





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