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Citrix UPM - Group policy access denied - NTUSER.dat losing permissions

Steve MacNeil1709157315


Hi All,


Going through a weird set of issues.  I'm in the process of opening a Citrix case but figured I'd reach out here too.


Server 2019 with Citrix 1912 CU1 on it.  Citrix UPM is setup and for the most part runs as expected.  For whatever reason, sometimes when a user logs off it will not remove the local c:\users profile from the server and also sometimes it seems like the permissions on the ntuser.dat get removed or corrupted and the next time the user tries to log on the get a group policy access denied error and can't log in until I mount the ntuser.dat from their UPM profile in the registry and grant the user full rights to it and then unload the hive.  After that, everything is fine for a while.


I find that every now and then the server needs to be rebooted (guessing from the windows search service freaking out about indexing which causes UPM 3008 error saying it can mount the search index .vhd), and it's usually after that when the users get the access denied error message.  Even if I go on the server and gracefully log them out prior to reboot, some users still come across this issue.


This may, in fact, may be three different issues and I'm confusing them, but has anyone come across the issue with ntuser.dat losing its permissions?  Most articles I've read are older and I would have though that by now if it was a bug, more people would have mentioned it for the 1912 LTSR CU1.


Any guidance is appreciated.  I just enabled UPM logs and am waiting for it to happen again.

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Hello Steve,


On the NTUSER.DAT topic:

Did you find anything new? I turned every stone twice about this problem, unfortunately without success so far. Sometimes I thought I had a solution because there was silence for a month and then the issue came up again. Mostly for several users on specific days. Often there is silence for almost a month


My only quick help is to restore the NTUSER.DAT from a file snapshot.


Have a nice week

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