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SCCM-Agent-Upgrade on Master vs. Citrix UPL

Alexander Spies


We are experiencing issues regarding SCCM/Softwarecenter on our UPL-VDAs after we upgraded the SCCM-Agent on our Master Image. Softwarecenter shows error messages on launch. Rough translate: 'Softwarecenter couldn't load/start. Problems while loading/starting depending components, Try again later.'


With an older version of SCCM-agent on previous snapshots we don't have any issues inside the Citrix User Personalization Layer. This might be the first and only version the UPLs have ever seen/known from the Master Image.


The issue is reproducable, since switching the UPL back to a Master Image with the older SCCM-Agent-Version still works. Supposedly there is something saved inside the UPL from the older version?!

Any suggestions on finding out the root cause of this - e.g. take a deep-dive, what changes inside the UPL once a new SCCM-Agent-Version shows on the Master Image?


Further analysis:

  • Knowledge Base on UPL and SCCM-Deployment in VDI-environments have been followed as close as possible.
  • Upgraded SCCM-Agent on golden image works fine.
  • Upgraded SCCM-Agent on Pooled-Random-VDAs without UPL works fine.
  • Upgraded SCCM-Agent on fat clients works fine.
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The SCCM-Agent/Softwarecenter is not inside the UPL! It causes trouble there. The agent is installed inside the Master Image, as you mentioned and as it is recommended by Citrix and Microsoft (https://social.technet.microsoft.com/wiki/contents/articles/23923.implementing-sccm-in-a-xendesktop-vdi-environment.aspx). After we did an SCCM-agent-upgrade there and enrolled it to the MachineCatalog, the Softwarecenter stops working inside UPL-sessions.


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Hi Fraport, 


According to our SCCM expert the following directories (see below) should be excluded from the UPL as this issue that you are describing with the software center is due to the fact these directories haven't been populated correct or are within the UPL layer. 






How to excluded these directories from UPL

Amend the exclusions registry value HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\Services\unifltr "AlwaysOnBoot" (MULTI_SZ:) to include the following





The following blog post explains this value in detail https://www.citrix.com/blogs/2020/03/02/citrix-tips-citrix-app-layering-webinar-qa/ , ensure you include the trailing \ (backslash) when adding directories to this value. 


Hope this helps, 


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