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TAP-CTL TAP-ERR messages in /var/log/user.log

Keith Woodworth


Xenserver 7.2.


Master server has thousands of lines and fulling up /var/log:


XenServer1-10 tap-ctl[612]: tap-err:tap_ctl_connect: couldn't connect to /var/run/blktap-control/ctl7539: Connection refused


That is just one of the lines but they are all the same except for the /var/run/blktap-contral/ctl<number>


It looks like every few seconds tap-ctl fires up and tries to connect to everything in /var/run/blktap-control of which everything

throws a connection refused.


[root@XenServer1-10 blktap-control]# ls -l | wc -l


There is 1500+ files in there, but on the other two Xen hosts there are only files that pertain to the VM's that are running

on that host.


I cannot find much info about this. There are currently only 4 VM's on this host so I would have expected only

4 files or so.


How to clean this up and fix it? I'm thinking migrating the VM's to the other hosts, making another host master

then rebooting this server.


This is the Master host of the 3 in the pool.






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