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fslogix windows search set to AUTOMATIC or AUTOMATIC-DELAYED

Chris Schrameyer


When i originally implemented fslogix for office profiles, the instructions said to set the windows search service to AUTOMATIC. from an fslogix blog post.

Now, i see updated information that says to set it to AUTOMATIC-DELAYED, because fslogix needs to start before the search service.


anyone know which is correct?


Stalhood's site = Make sure the Windows Search service is set to Automatic and Running.

Outlook Search Troubleshooting Guide = Confirm that Windows Search is set to start after FSLogix. (Since FSLogix can't redirect search if it's already running when FSLogix starts.) Typically this is Automatic - Delayed.

FSLogix Container in Citrix Environments = Windows Search Service must be started and set to automatic for this feature. Delayed start should not be enabled. The Citrix Provisioning Server Optimization tool disables the Windows Search Service and should therefore be reactivated via GPO.

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