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fslogix on server 2019 (O365 container)

Chris Schrameyer


So I see some confusing information on fslogix docs and citrix KB articles whether or not Per-User search (RoamSearch) should be anbled or not for 2019 server.   Most of the docs say to set RoamSearch=0.  However, on Stalhoods site it says

For Windows Server 2019 RDSH, don’t enable FSLogix Search Roaming since Windows 2019 has per-user Search that puts the Search Index in the user’s profile. However, many people have reported problems with Windows 2019 Search. It might be possible to disable the new per-user search and instead enable FSLogix search roaming. See CTX270433 Outlook Search Indexing Fails on Windows Server 2019 VDA.

Also see CTP James Kindon Windows Search in Server 2019 and Multi-Session Windows 10.


So, anyone have a suggestion? Have these issues with Server 2019 been fixed?  Using fslogix for  O365 container on a 2019 server OS, do i set roamsearch to 0, or keep it at 2?


Thanks all

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Hi Chris,


Microsoft recommends RoamSearch=0 in Windows Sevrer 2019 and Windows 10 Multi-User with both Profile Container and Office Container. However both operating systems still have issues, which will end up in a corrupt Windows Search index, breaking the Windows Search feature until service restart.


I have written an article about the issue and potential workarounds:

Also, as Carl suggests, come to the World of EUC Slack channel there are a lot of smart people there.

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