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Published Desktop - hidden/original name change via powershell?

Chris Schrameyer


Here's what I'm looking at.

Originally created a published desktop called Corp Apps Test. Have since renamed that to Corporate Desktop.  We use ControlUp, and when using ControlUp, it has a column called "Initial Program".  When a user launches the Corporate Desktop published desktop, it shows up as Corp Apps Test $S146-176, instead of Corporate Desktop.  So obviously somewhere in the database the original name exists (not sure what the $S... is)


Any idea how to find it?  I've looked at get-BrokerDesktop, DesktopGroupName, and other commands in powershell  but I cant' seem to locate it in order to change it.





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From a similar case last year against duplicated published applications, maybe this also applies to published desktops? I'm not an expert with these commands.

When you duplicate an application, the browser name also gets duplicated. 

Use the command Get-BrokerApplication "appname" | Set-BrokerApplication -BrowserName "desiredbrowsername" to assign a new browser name for the new applications.

From ControlUp https://support.controlup.com/hc/en-us/articles/206502959-Sessions-View-Actions Initial Program =  Name of the published application used in the session (if appl.)

Maybe get/Set-BrokerMachine -PublishedName ?

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