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Storefront 1912 Featured App groups not displaying

Ryan Fleming

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I'm trying to get the featured app groups to appear on my page.  I have an existing working storefront that doesn't show them.  When I inspect the page through Chrome, I can find the applicationBundleContainer div, but it has an element.style css entry with a display: none set.  If I go and change that to display: block, I can see the featured app groups just as I would like to see them.  I have tried to add a .applicationBundleContainer to the custom file in /css and to the style.css file in /custom, but neither are helping and they don't see to be able to override the entry in element.style.  Has anyone seen this?  Or does anyone have any idea how to get the applicationBundleContainer <div> to actually display correctly.

I've gone all through the store settings to see if I can find anything that would be causing them to not display, but I can't find anything.  I created a new store on the same server and I can see the featured app groups on that store just fine.  I'm really stuck and I've wasted a bit of time trying to figure this out, any suggestions would be appreciated.  

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